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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

We removed the original poorly designed ceramic tile floor, chipped away the old thinset, and designed and installed this custom pattern with each porcelain tile precision cut. We recommend porcelain tile for its extraordinary durability and easy care in the face of water, dust, and dropped objects. The choice of grout color is critical, and we carefully seal all grout.


Laminate is the most versatile of floors, available in dozens of styles and widths, most simulating wood planking. We apply a quality underlayment, and provide space for the floor to expand and contract using quarter-round molding and T-molding at floor transitions. It goes down quickly, fills out closets and irregular areas, and is very durable, requiring little care except occasional swiffer or dust mopping. The only real limitation is that it is generally not a good idea in areas where there may be standing water such as kitchens or bathrooms.
Dog optional.
Terrazzo Concrete Finishes
Dull concrete got you down? We can make it a beautiful and durable patterned floor for patios, rec rooms, garages, porches and walks. We do it right! First the concrete is thoroughly cleaned, then acid-etched. The acid is carefully removed, and one of many attractive colors applied. This is followed by a coat of polyurethane embedded with hand-applied patterning chips, and topped with a final clear polyurethane coat. A few hours work gives you a rugged, easy to clean and attractive floor that will brighten your house for years to come.
We help you choose a practical and durable carpet and pad
to fit your taste and budget, and install it on floors and stairways.

Vinyl tile is a practical and durable choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other high-wear and/or wet areas. We remove baseboards, level any defects in the underlying floor with leveling compound, apply tiles with professional adhesive, replace and repaint baseboards with full masking, and add thresholds or T-moldings as needed for floor transitions. Vinyl looks great if you do it right.

There are a thousand shades of white. We work hard to match them all. If it doesn't match, we do it over.

We remove all outlet covers and baseboards, and carefully mask trim.
Stucco Repair and Refinishing


Storage lockers for accessible areas

We built this complete garage storage unit for a condominium resident,
including ordering and installation of a custom roll-up door.

Custom Cabinetry

This under-sink cabinet had been damaged by leakage and mold. We removed the damaged particle board and built a new shelf, enclosure, and doors, coated with urethane to resist water and provide a lasting, duable finish.

We rebuilt this vanity with new doors, shelving and trim fbricated to match the damaged original.

We built this custom cabinet to fit the customer's space and to match the style of the existing cabinetry.
This stairway, originally carpeted, had become stained and dull. The carpet was removed and we used a custom laminate treatment to match the floor. The spindles were all removed,sanded and repainted. The railing and posts were cleaned of 20 years of residue, sanded,and restained in Brazillian cherry with a polyurethane clearcoat. It's beautiful, rugged, easy to clean and will give many years of attractive service.

Your house isn't built the way you want it? This homeowner could no longer handle stairs and wanted a bedroom and full bath downstairs. We designed a modification, adding a walk-in shower. The wall that had to be relocated carried both water pipes and drains. We removed concrete, rerouted the plumbing through the new wall, and built new framing and drywall. We built a custom shower with handicap accomodations and tile finish up to the ceiling, and finished and painted the entire area. All the plumbing was done in one weekend while the homeowners vacationed, so they were never out of water. We even walked the dog.
Roof Repair

This garage roof was inadequately covered with plain felt, and after years of storms and tree impacts it was sagging and leaking, rotting the plywood and substructure. We removed everything, including the plywood, repaired the rotted support structure, and built a new roof with plywood covered by torchdown tar-impregnated composition and an attractive pebble layer to protect against abraision. The roof was even inclined slightly to prevent ponding of rainwater. This will last!
Tree Trimming and Removal

Our famous pineapple cut makes your palms a work of art.
  • Sod
  • Mulch
  • Walks and paving stones
  • Picket fences
  • Securty fences
  • Decorative plants
  • - Wandering Jew, Mother-in-law's tongue

We install, repair and paint walls, ceilings, trim, baseboards, crown molding, doors, fans and lighting.

We refinished this entire room, including the handpainted doors, and installed the wide miter-cut crown molding.